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About EZTV

EZTV is a group created in 2005 and focused on sharing TV series and movies as part of its private VIP group. When the group got too big, they decided to create a website to share their discoveries with the rest of the world and further increase the number of their group. In April 2005, a hostile group called "EZCLOUD" took over the domain and actually stole all their content and subscribers. It is still important to note that the EZTV employees who manage the website are no longer full-time employees, however, this does not make the site bad, since many improvements have been made over the years.

How to Unblock EZTV - Proxy & Mirror List

ETTV has been blocked in many European countries as well as India, Australia, Italy, Canada, United Kingodom and possibly others. Discover the valid EZTV proxy links thanks to our collection listed above. Any of the EZTV mirror links above are monitored by our system to ensure that you can have quality working links anytime, any day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How EZTV proxy servers work?

Proxy servers basically act as an intermediary between EZTV and people If you use an EZTV proxy mirror, then traffic passes through the proxy server along the path of the required address. After the traffic passes, the response comes through the same proxy server. In the latter case, a proxy server plays an important role, which sends the received data to you from a web page.

Why I can't access official EZTV site?

The main reason why you were unable to contact EZTV is because it is blocked in your region or country. Torrent sites are blocked in some countries due to their illegal content. Although EZTV claims not to host torrent files, it provides torrent links from other sites that may be pirated. Consequently, as a result of this, EZTV is blocked in some countries.

Is these proxy sites are safe?

You can hide your IP address using a VPN service to securely view the EZTV torrent site or its proxy mirror.

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EZTV Mirror

EZTV is also blocked in many countries and so if you are looking for a way to unblock EZTV you just have to click any of the links you see above.